Actel uClinux patch

To get uClinux working with my prototype board I first had patch it, to do this I first needed to download the following source code packages to the same directory.


I then applied the following patches (right click and choose save target as to download)



As instructed below

1) Untar the uClinux-dist

tar -zxvf uClinux-dist-20051014.tar.gz

2) Remove the following versions of linux from the source package

cd uClinux-dist
rm -r linux-2.0.x
rm -r linux-2.4.x
rm -r linux-2.6.x

3) untar newer linux version

tar -jxvf linux-

4)apply Hyok's patch to the kernel

gzip -dc linux- | patch -p0

5) rename linux version from linux- to linux-2.6.x

mv linux- linux-2.6.x

6) Apply actelm7 uClinux patch to kernel

patch -p0 < actelm7_kernv12.patch

7) Apply actelm7 uClinux-dist patch

patch -p0 < actelm7_distv11.patch

8) Move patched linux kernel into uClinux-dist

mv linux-2.6.x uClinux-dist/

9) run menuconfig and select Actel

cd uClinux-dist
make menuconfig

10) make the kernel and user land apps


thats it with a bit of luck one working linux kernel for the actel FPGA should pop out of the compiler


This kernel was built using the following tool chain / enviroment
OpenSUSE v10.3