Shuriken USB( USB gecko SE (clone) )

Shuriken USB

Basically its a USB Gecko SE, but done using a CPLD instead of a FPGA, have tested on a Wii using GeckoOS and Geckodnet / WiiRD .

ebay kicked me off something about enabling copying of games, guys don't use this to copy games its supposed to be a debug / hacking tool. I am selling these for 16 + p&p ( 4 untracked world / EU). Scroll to the bottom of the page for the paypal button, I am also running a support thread at gba temp.

Updated CPLD code

To be compliant with the GPL licence or at least the spirit of it I should release the modified VHDL source code as this is derived work (original work was done by Ian Callaghan).


I have sold about 90 of these devices now at some point they are going to start going wrong as they are all hand soldered by me I cant guarantee how long they are going to last. Here is the schematic for shuriken USB hopefully it will come in handy if your device finally breaks and you want to fault find / repair it yourself. 

Driver install

You will need to go to the FTDI website and download the D2XX direct drivers for the FT245 USB to serial chip here's the link

Note: Getting reports that the last driver don't work GeckDotNet or wiiRD if you find this to be the case please use 2.10.00 (I know they work as that's what I have got installed).

I will host the older driver here (just in case FTDI remove it).

Version 1 (this unit is no longer sold)

I have completely dropped support for this unit, I have sent out replacements for those who bought a V1 so everyone should now have a V2 unit.

Version 2 issues (Currently selling these units)

I am not tracking any issues with this unit they should be a 1:1 clone of the usb gecko se device, all software that works with the usb gecko se should work with shuriken usb v2.

Tools / software list

I have collected the following links / programs from around the web (there maybe more)


wiiload (version 0.5.1 tested with homebrew channel version 3.9)

GeckodNet (version 0.66.8)

GeckoOS (click the download link right hand side of GeckoOS web page)



SwissServer (win32 exe and source rebuilt to work shuriken USB)

GeckoOS_1.06d (game cube version untested by me)

swiss (as a COM port) for debugging (untested by me)

libOGC debug stub (untested by me)

3D case

The standard case is black if anyone fancies a different case colour or wants a modified funky case below are the 3D case files (the design work was done in openscad).


Sadly from 26th October 2017 xillinx have discontinued the xc9500 series cpld which is used inside the shuriken usb device with no direct replacement I have decided to stop selling the devices. At the time of writing 8 December 2017 I currently have enough parts to make only eight more devices after which the shuriken usb will be no more.